Tips Before You Start

Last Updated: Jan 24, 2018 07:07PM UTC

This is a working document, and will be constantly updated.

If at any time during use you experience a headache, or discomfort from the headset's sensors, take off the headset and rest for at least 15 minutes. If possible, take regular 5 minute walk around breaks after every 20 minutes of use, and remove the headset while not actively using Versus.

User Prep:


  • Apply a thin layer of the supplied Sensor Conditioner to each sensor. (Using your fingers to apply conditioner will aid in helping the headset 'get used' to your skins pH balance)
  • Applying Sensor Conditioner (link)

Head / Scalp Prep:

  • It is important to have clean, dry hair before using Versus to minimize difficulties with sensor connection. 
  • Avoid 'Oil' , 'Serum' , Leave-In conditioners or hair additives. If they are used and you have difficulties with sensor connection, simply wash products out of hair prior to using Versus.​

​Physical State:

  • Seated – Try not to move excessively or tense up any muscles (body/arms/legs/jaw.)
  • Quiet – Talking or having conversations while exercising may lead to inaccurate data. 

Site Prep:

​Chair: The Type of chair you are in can effect the sensor readings.

  • Avoid chairs with metal frames
  • Avoid chairs with high backs
  • Use plastic or natural material chairs. (The least amount of metal possible)


  • 60hz (Electrical) interference can cause inaccurate data. Stay away from unshielded power cables/lines, older/high output florescent light fixtures, power cables/chargers.
  • Physical contact with a 'grounding source' will effect sensor readings. (Touching large metal objects, holding charging cables, holding the iPad while it charges.)


  • iPad model 3 and above (Air/Air2 and up, Mini2/Retina and up) running iOS 8 are capable of running the Versus apps. (Lower iPad models do not have processor power or Bluetooth LE, which is the technology used by the Versus headset to stream data to the iPad apps.)
  • Is my iPad compatible (link)
  • Do Not charge the iPad while the audio cable is plugged in. This will cause interference with the headset's readings, leading to inaccurate data.