All About NeuroTraining

Last Updated: Oct 07, 2015 01:01AM UTC


How does Versus Work?

Versus Training Games use your EEG recordings in real time to help you increase, or decrease, certain types of activity by giving your brain rewards it likes!

For example, if you’re training to improve your focus, success in the Versus Training Apps will increase every time you produce more of a kind of brain activity called Beta, which relates to concentration. That is, every time your brain produces Beta is will receive the reward of your in game race car driving faster. Your brain likes this reward, and will learn to produce more Beta, for two reasons:

  1. You will learn what it feels like to produce more Beta, and
  2. The more the brain practices a certain kind of behavior, the stronger that behavior becomes - just like going to the gym to train your muscles.


Are there side effects from brain training?

You may experience slight headaches from having your headset on, initially. Over time, much like adjusting to a new pair of shoes, you will be able to adapt to the headset for the duration of your training sessions.

Some people may experience some side effects to training, such as headaches or trouble sleeping. This can be similar to how muscles may hurt a bit after starting a new workout regimen. If these symptoms persist for longer than a week, it may be a signal that a protocol is not right for you, please report these effects via our feedback platform, and we will check in with you to evaluate how your training is progressing.


Are there any risks?

There are no known permanent risks or injuries resulting from NeuroTraining. However, sometimes training is not right for someone. For example, if you can train yourself to focus better, you can also train yourself to focus less! Sometimes people don’t derive the benefits from Neurotraining that they’re hoping for. This is why it’s important to keep track of how training is going, to make sure that yours is headed in the right direction. Our side-effects feedback platform will allow you to keep us and yourself aware of how your training is progressing.


Will this make me smarter?

Much like learning the piano, you may not become 'smarter' but you will see your daily tasks become more manageable, and an elevated state of calm throughout the day.


What will I gain from training?

There are different brain functions that we are able to help you strengthen. Through our Versus Headset training, you can focus on reducing your response to stressful events, reducing your general stress level, increasing your focus, decreasing your impulsivity, or increasing your brain’s steadiness under different circumstances. Your individualized training plan is determined by your Neuro Performance Assessment results. 


What is happening to my brain?

There is a principle in neuroscience that says, “Neurons that fire together, wire together.” What does that mean? That the more the brain practices doing something specific, the stronger it becomes at doing it over and over again. That means certain circuits in your brain get stronger the more they are used. So, for example, if you’re NeuroTraining to increase your relaxation while decreasing your reaction to stress, those functions in the brain grow stronger and more likely to be active over time.


How do we know it works?

There have been many scientific studies on NeuroTraining (often referred to as Neurofeedback). There is considerable evidence that this training can improve function and performance in various realms. The method was even declared as a Best Practice for increasing attention for Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder by the American Academy of Pediatrics. For more reading on all of the interesting uses of NeuroTraining, visit our Further Reading section.