User Data

Last Updated: Aug 30, 2018 04:18PM UTC

Who can see my data?

Information related to your leaderboard standings and NPA results are shared with other active Versus users. You can choose to 'Opt-Out' in the "Settings" tab of the Versus app. Our science and/or development teams may also use your data to improve your experience.

Team Members: If you have selected to be on the team of a provider who is monitoring your Versus use, the provider and their administrative staff will be able to see all of your Versus data. To change your team status, please contact our support staff at

How can I see my data?

You can view your Versus information from within the Versus app by going to the "Performance" tab in the menu bar. You can also access your assessment results, exercise data, and account settings in your User Dashboard, which is included with your Versus Subscription. To view your User Dashboard, simply log in using your Versus email and password at: