Training Hints: NeuroJumper

Last Updated: Jul 29, 2015 07:39PM UTC

The goal of NeuroJumper is to fly as far as possible before your parachute deploys. Just like all of our training games, the underlying goal is to train your brain to produce and maintain a new state, according to the protocol recommended for you. Work toward targeting an overall mindset, which is either a ‘calm, relaxed observational state’, or a ‘calm, focused attentive state’.

NeuroJumper monitors your brainwaves to control the length of your jump. The longer you maintain the targeted brain state, the farther the jumper will fly. There is no training time slider, each jump is independent, and your previous distances are stored for comparison. The longest distance is around 5000ft.

As you become more in tune with your mind state, see how far you can glide in a single jump.

While training: Avoid any excessive movement, muscle tension, or conversations, as they can affect training.

Stress Index Training

Work on decreasing any kind of ‘Active/Engaged Thinking’ or trying to ‘control’ the jumper. Attain a Calm, Quiet state of mind. Observe the jumper in the air, and take in the overall experience of the canyon. Do not concentrate on steering, or where you want to go. Like a 3D picture, look ‘through the screen’ with a neutral, calm mind.

Helpful Hints: Relax, stay present and aware of your jumper. Allow them to rise into the sky, and avoid ‘trying’ or thinking ‘I can’t do this’.

Focus Index Training

Process what is happening. Stay ‘present’, ‘in the moment’. Intently think about the suit, the wind, the canyon below. Avoid envisioning a destination, or flying somewhere else. Keep your mind from drifting/wandering. Pay attention to the small details while ‘Zoning In’. Produce a calm quiet mind, take in the whole environment and do not ‘work’ or ‘control the jumper’ intensely.

Helpful Hints: Relax, but stay ‘aware of the jumper’. Pay Attention, Take all the small details of the jumper and landscape at once. Be ‘In’ the moment while keeping your mind calm.