Putting on the Versus Headset

Last Updated: Aug 30, 2018 04:31PM UTC


Putting on the Headset

Before using your headset for the first time, make sure to apply Sensor Conditioner to your headset. This will help greatly with the initial Sensor Connection. Learn how here: Applying Sensor Conditioner.

  • Press the power button on the left side of the headset for 2 seconds.

  • Plug the supplied audio cable into the audio port below the power button.

  • With both hands, pick up the headset with the ear clip on the left side.

  • Pull the headset straight down over your head.

  • Make sure that each sensor is touching your skin.

  • Lift the left ear can and connect the ear clip to your earlobe.

  • Finally, with both hands firmly placed on each ear can, pull down past the resistance point of the spring loaded arms, allowing the ear pads to hold the headset securely in place. This will ensure a stable sensor connection.


Attaching the Ear Clip

  • Make sure the ear clip is free from debris and that your ear is clean and dry.

  • Connect the ear clip to your left ear after putting the headset on.

  • Position the clip to rest comfortably under the headset.


Sensor and Connection Adjustment 

To achieve a 'Good' or 'Green' connection, each sensor must be in direct contact with your scalp.

  • Gently rock the headset back and forth, as well as left and right on your head.

  • Make sure your hair is not obstructing any sensor from contacting your scalp.

  • If sensors still cannot make contact with your skin, adjust further. 


Headset Fitment Pull Down 

‚ÄčIn this video, you will see the emphasis on the final movement of pulling down the headset:

  • Place a hand on each side of the headset. 

  • Hold onto the 'wishbone' that connects the frame to the speakers.

  • Firmly pull down until the springs are fully extended.

  • Release the speaker cans. 

When done correctly, the headset will be securely held in place by the grip of the speaker cans. This final movement helps to seat the headset in place for use.