Sensor Conditioner

Last Updated: Jul 16, 2017 02:12AM UTC

Applying Sensor Conditioner

Sensor Conditioner can be used to help the headset achieve a stable connection while exercising. Application of Sensor Conditioner may be done before each session, or may only be needed occasionally. Frequency of application depends on the users skin pH, and hair type. Before applying Sensor Conditioner, wipe off any excess conditioner from sensors with a dry microfiber cloth.

Use a very small amount of conditioner
  • Use a very small amount of conditioner for all 5 sensors.

Apply pin pad conditioner to all 5 sensors
  • Apply a very thin layer of conditioner to the tip of each sensor. 


What is Sensor Conditioner?

Sensor Conditioner is a thick, soft blend of moisturizing and conductive substances. It should be applied sparingly to the sensor tips to protect their conductive properties. The conditioner prevents the sensors from becoming too dry, which contributes to an inconsistent connection between the headset’s sensors and your skin.


How often do I need to apply conditioner to my headset’s sensors?

We recommend applying a small amount to each sensor before your first few sessions. As the headset becomes accustomed to a single person’s skin pH balance, less conditioner may be needed. Some users may need to apply paste before every session, depending on individual skin and hair types.

Note: Multiple users exercising on a single headset should apply conditioner before every session.


What if I use too much Conditioner?

Excess conditioner can be wiped off of each sensor with a finger, or a lint free cloth. To remove from your hands after applying to sensors, simply wash with warm water; no harsh chemicals are required. Apply Sensor Conditioner just to the tips of each sensor, excess Sensor Conditioner applied too deep into the sensor or beneath the sensor pad can be problematic.

Is Sensor Conditioner toxic to my skin?

No. Sensor conditioner is designed for skin contact and is therefore comprised of the same types of ingredients commonly found in lotions or hair care products. To remove from your hands after applying to sensors, simply wash with warm water; no harsh chemicals are required.

Is this a ‘wet’ EEG system?

Not at all. The term “wet” in this context describes an EEG system with metal sensors that require an additional conductive substance, such as paste or gel, in order to make any significant or stable connection with the skin. Due to the advanced design of the Versus headset’s sensors, only miniscule amounts of Sensor Conditioner is necessary to maintain the conductive quality of the sensor material.