Training Hints: NeuroBalloon

Last Updated: Jul 29, 2015 07:43PM UTC

The goal of NeuroBalloon is to ascend the balloon as high as possible. Just like all of our training games, the underlying goal is to train your brain to produce and maintain a new state, according to the protocol recommended for you. Work toward targeting an overall mindset, which is either a calm, relaxed observational state, or a calm, focused attentive state.

NeuroBalloon monitors your brainwaves to control elevation. When you are in the correct state of mind, you will see a flame ignite above the basket, as well as the brain icon in the lower right corner glowing bright white. The longer you maintain the targeted brain state, the higher the balloon will ascend.  As you become more in tune with your mind state, see how high you can get in a single training session. The highest altitude being 10,000ft.

While training: Avoid any excessive movement, muscle tension, or conversations, as they can affect results.

Stress Training

As you play NeuroBalloon, work to disengage and just watch the balloon float. Let go of trying to control the balloon, your ability to attain a quiet and present mind will ensure a successful flight of the balloon. Let your thoughts come and go, without getting distracted or hung up on anything in particular. Observe the balloon in the air, taking in the whole experience. Like the 3-D picture, look ‘through the screen’ with a neutral, calm mind.

Helpful Hints: Relax your body and stay present and aware of your balloon. Allow it to rise into the sky, and avoid ‘trying’ or thinking ‘I can’t do this’.


Focus Training

Process what is happening on screen and notice to how you are feeling and what you are thinking when the balloon is rising. This will help you stay present and to identify what it feels like to create the right level of focus. Keep your thoughts targeted on the various aspects of the game, like the balloon's panels, the trees, the wind, the landscape below, or even your accumulating NeuroPoints. Keep your mind from wandering.

Helpful Hints: Relax, but stay ‘in the balloon’. Pay Attention, Take all the small details of the balloon and landscape at once. Be ‘In’ the moment while keeping your mind calm.