How do I play NeuroGolf?

Last Updated: Sep 12, 2019 07:09PM UTC
How to play
Tap the screen to swing as the 3 circles converge. The distance your ball flies is determined by how close to optimal brain state you are when you tap. If you are too far outside of your optimal state (the circles are not converged), the golfer will miss the shot.

The feedback circles will pause until your shot is finished to allow you to see what determined your shot. Even though the circles aren't moving, you will continue to earn points and optimal zone time based on how well you can maintain that state. There are 9 possible holes. As you play, see how many you can complete in a single session!

What is the goal?
The goal of NeuroGolf is to get as close to par on each hole as possible. Just like all of our games, the underlying goal is to condition your brain to produce and maintain a new state, according to the protocol assigned to you. NeuroGolf takes it one step further by encouraging you to recognize when you are in the optimal brain state and act on that realization by tapping the screen. Work toward targeting an overall mindset, which is either a calm, relaxed, observational state, or a calm, focused, attentive state.