Game Hints: NeuroBalloon

Last Updated: Apr 17, 2018 05:26PM UTC

How to play

The flame will grow as you converge the circles, and provide a boost as you get to your optimal brain state. If your attention drifts, the flame will go out and your balloon will eventually float back to the ground.


Achieving optimal brain state will give your balloon's flame a boost, and the feedback circles will pulse yellow. You can also tilt your screen to pivot the camera, allowing you to see different aspects of your environment. As you gain altitude, you will pass clouds, birds, the sun, eventually get close to space! 
You will begin each session with a randomly selected balloon. There are 4 different balloons, each one offers the same controls, but a style all their own.

What is the goal?

The goal of NeuroBalloon is to ascend the balloon as high as possible. Just like all of our games, the underlying goal is to teach your brain to produce and maintain a new state, according to the protocol assigned to you. Work toward targeting an overall mindset, which is either a calm, relaxed, observational state, or a calm, focused attentive state.

NeuroBalloon monitors your brainwaves to control elevation. When you are in the correct state of mind, you will see a flame ignite above the basket. The longer you maintain the targeted brain state, the higher the balloon will ascend.  As you become more in tune with your mind state, see how high you can get in a single session.