Game Hints: NeuroGlider

Last Updated: Nov 30, 2017 10:59PM UTC

How to play

Your glider's altitude is determined by your brain state. When you are performing well, the glider will rise and you will hear the wind rushing by. Audio feedback will fade and you will descend when not performing well. Tilt your screen to steer, and try collecting rings as you fly (they will become visible as you climb above the mountains).

Achieving optimal brain state will give your glider contrails, holding that state will cause the feedback circles to pulse yellow. As your glider soars above the mountains, you will see ‘rings’ throughout the sky that automatically adjust to your height, tilt your screen to steer your glider through these rings. 
You will begin each session with a randomly selected glider. There are 4 different gliders, each one offers the same controls, but a style all their own.

What is the goal?

The goal of NeuroGlider is to fly the glider as far and as high as possible. Just like all of our games, the underlying goal is to teach your brain to produce and maintain a new state, according to the protocol recommended for you. Work toward targeting an overall mindset, which is either a ‘calm, relaxed observational state’, or a ‘calm, focused attentive state’.

While exercising: Avoid any excessive movement, muscle tension, or conversations, as they can affect results.