About the NPA and Exercise Plans

Last Updated: Aug 30, 2018 05:15PM UTC

Do I need to do the NeuroPerformance Assessment?

Yes. Every user is required to complete the NeuroPerformance Assessment (NPA). This assessment is what determines your strengths and weaknesses in brain performance and assigns you a performance protocol (stress or focus) for your Versus exercises. You will be eligible to take the NPA again after 23 sessions, or about 8 hours, of exercises. You are not required to retake the NPA, unless you'd like to access a new performance protocol. 

What is an exercise plan? 

Each user is assigned an exercise plan, sometimes called a performance plan. An exercise plan defines the performance protocol, daily session time, and the plan duration (the required number of sessions before the user is eligible to retake the NPA). 

How long is an exercise session?

Each day, the Versus app guides users through a 20 minute session. Currently, this includes 4 games (NeuroBalloon, NeuroGlider, NeuroRacer, and NeuroGolf) that are each 5 minutes long. Users can get additional practice with warm-ups (Airflow and Lightbulb), which are accessible in the menu bar.

Why only 20 minutes?

We found that twenty minutes of exercise a day seems to strike the right balance between getting enough exercise in and not feeling burdened by the exercise time. We suggest that users complete 3 twenty minute exercise sessions per week, but you may choose to exercise seven days a week. 

How long is an exercise plan?

The standard plan duration is set to 23 sessions, about eight hours. In our work with high performing athletes using traditional EEG equipment, we found that this was the minimum amount of exercise required for users to report measurable improvements in their brain performance. Users may require additional exercise time before they see measurable results. 


How many exercise plans can I do?

Each user is assigned one exercise plan at a time based on the results of their NeuroPerformance Assessment (NPA). A Versus user with an active subscription may repeat this cycle of NPA, exercise plan (8 hours), NPA as long as they have an active subscription.