What is the Versus CPT app?

Last Updated: Sep 12, 2019 07:16PM UTC

The Versus Continuous Performance Task (CPT) app is designed to test your attention, response time, and impulse control. After a one-time purchase of the app, you'll be able to complete repeated CPTs to see how your concentration varies across time, in different places, and under different conditions. For instance, you may take a CPT in the morning and at night, in the office and at home, or under pressure and at ease to determine when and where you focus best.

Each CPT lasts for 11 minutes. The goal of the CPT is to tap on specified targets and to avoid tapping on non-targets. A Versus headset is not required to use the Versus CPT app.

To download the app, click here or search “Versus CPT” in the App Store. The Versus CPT app is currently only available on iOS devices.