What do my CPT results mean?

Last Updated: Sep 12, 2019 12:23PM PDT

Each Continuous Performance Task (CPT) is split into five sections with different levels of demand. To ensure that it can accurately test your attention, the app will not notify you when you move from one section to the other.

When you complete the CPT, the first screen will display your combined results from the five sections of the CPT. As you swipe through, you’ll be shown the results for each individual section of the CPT. Once you reach the results page for section 5 of the CPT, select “End Assessment” to close the results screen and return to the home screen. Remember, the app does not currently save your CPT results. You may wish to screenshot the results screen for future reference.

Correct Responses: Correct responses are when you accurately tapped the screen on a target. They indicate that you were effectively concentrating on the task at hand. Therefore, the higher the number of correct responses, the better.

Misses: Misses, also known as “omission errors”, are when you failed to tap the screen on targets. This type of error reflects a more inattentive reaction style, meaning that you may become bored or distracted during extended tasks. You should aim to get as few misses as possible.

Extra Hits: Also known as “commission errors”, extra hits refer to instances where you tapped the screen on non-targets. This type of error reflects a more impulsive reaction style, indicating that you may have difficulty controlling your impulses. Your goal should be to get as few extra hits as possible.

Average Reaction Speed: Average reaction speed is your response time - the average amount of time it took you to tap on the screen after a target appeared. The expected average response speed is between 350 and 450 milliseconds. In general, a low average reaction speed is preferred, as long as it is not accompanied by a high number of extra hits. A low reaction speed coupled with a high number of extra hits may mean that you were guessing during the CPT, rather than accurately identifying and tapping on targets.

Variability: Variability refers to how much your reaction speed varied during the CPT. The average variability is approximately 40 milliseconds. A low variability is preferable, as it indicates that your attention was consistent across the extended task.