What is Versus?

Last Updated: Sep 12, 2019 06:17PM UTC
What is Versus?
Versus is a wellness device that detects the electrical patterns of the user’s brain (EEG) and allows users to impact brain performance like never before. The Versus system includes a state-of-the-art 5 channel wireless EEG headset that connects to the Versus mobile iOS app via bluetooth. The headset has comfortable dry sensors, which enable quality exercise through an easy self-service experience.

Within the mobile app, both assessment and exercises are available to help users develop the ability to focus on demand or stay more calm with less effort. Better brain control can improve many things, including sleep patterns, problem-solving abilities, concentration, decision making, resource management and mental acuity. Use the Versus for your personal brain wellness or add the Versus system to your services to start impacting the mental side of your clients’ overall performance. ​

How does Versus work?
The Versus exercises are comprised of games that use your EEG recordings in real time to help you identify and practice brain states that promote increased focus and better stress management. ​

For example, if you’re doing the focus exercises, you'll be successful in the Versus games when you produce less slow brain activity and more fast brain activity (like Beta), which indicates better concentration. That is, every time your brain produces this more focused brain state, you'll be successful in the game, i.e., your race car will drive faster and you'll get more points. Your brain likes this reward, and will learn to reproduce this brain state, for two reasons:
  • You will learn what it feels like to produce it, and
  • The more the brain practices a certain kind of behavior, the stronger that behavior becomes - just like going to the gym to train your muscles.

What is happening to my brain?
There is a saying in neuroscience: “Neurons that fire together, wire together.” What does that mean? The more the brain practices doing something specific, the stronger it becomes at doing it over and over again. That means certain circuits in your brain get stronger the more they are used. So, for example, if you’re using Versus to increase your relaxation while decreasing your reaction to stress, those functions in the brain grow stronger and more likely to be active over time.