Are there side effects of using Versus?

Last Updated: Sep 12, 2019 06:19PM UTC
Are there side effects of using the Versus system?
Generally no, we do not have many users reporting negative effects from using Versus.

Initially, some users may experience slight headaches due to the fit of the headset. New headsets can be a little stiff, like a new baseball glove. We recommend stretching the headset gently by pulling up on the "x-frame" that holds each sensor and stretching the ear phones apart. Over time, much like adjusting to a new pair of shoes, your headset will "break in" and you'll adapt to the headset for the duration of your Versus sessions. ​

Some people may experience some side effects to exercising, such as headaches or trouble sleeping. This can be similar to how muscles may hurt a bit after starting a new workout regimen. If these symptoms persist for longer than a week, it may be a signal that a protocol is not right for you. Please report any negative experience to your health care provider and to the Versus team (, and we will check in with you to evaluate how your exercising is progressing.

Are there any risks?
There are no known permanent risks or injuries resulting from the Versus exercises. However, the Versus app may not be right for everyone. For example, if you can teach yourself to focus better, you can also teach yourself to focus less! Sometimes, people don’t derive the benefits from Versus that they’re hoping for, regardless of how consistent they do the exercises. This is why it’s important to keep track of how exercising is going, to make sure that yours is headed in the right direction. The "Performance" tab of the app, as well as the User Dashboard, will allow you to monitor how well your exercise experience is going.