How do I prep for using Versus?

Last Updated: Sep 12, 2019 06:23PM UTC
User Prep
  • Headset:
    • 1. Apply a thin layer of the supplied Sensor Conditioner to each sensor. Using your fingers to apply conditioner will aid in helping the headset 'get used' to your skin's pH balance.
  • Head Scalp:
    • 1. It is important to have clean, dry hair before using Versus to minimize difficulties with sensor connection.
    • 2. Avoid hair oils, serum, leave-In conditioners, or hair additives. If they are used and you have difficulties with sensor connection, simply wash products out of hair prior to using Versus.​ ​
  • Physical State:
    • 1. Seated: Try not to move excessively or tense up any muscles (body/arms/legs/jaw.)
    • 2. Quiet: Talking or having conversations while exercising may lead to inaccurate data.
Site Prep
  • Chair: The type of chair you are in can effect the sensor readings.
    • 1. Avoid chairs with metal frames or high backs. 
    • 2. Use plastic or natural material chairs (the least amount of metal possible).
  • Environment:
    • 1. 60hz (electrical) interference can cause inaccurate data. Stay away from unshielded power lines, older/high output florescent light fixtures, and power cables/chargers.
    • 2. Physical contact with a 'grounding source' (touching large metal objects, holding charging cables, holding the iPad while it charges) may affect sensor readings.
  • Equipment:
    • 1. Do not charge your iDevice while using Versus. This will cause interference with the headset's readings, leading to inaccurate data.