How do I use the headset?

Last Updated: Sep 12, 2019 06:29PM UTC
Powering on and off
  • The Power button is on the left side of the headset.
  • Press and hold the Power button for 2 seconds to Power On.
  • Press and hold the Power button for 3 seconds to Power Off.

Plugging in the audio cable
  • Plug the supplied audio cable into the audio port.
  • The audio port is located on the left edge of the headset, below the power button.

Connecting the headset to your iDevice
  • Make sure bluetooth is enabled on your iDevice before starting the process. The Versus headset utilizes Bluetooth LE and pairs with your iDevice within the Versus app (not through iOS settings).
  • Launch Versus on your iDevice and log in.
  • Tap the Menu icon (top left area of the screen).
  • Tap 'Warm Ups', select 'Airflow'. Power on your headset by pressing the Power button for 2 seconds.
  • Tap Continue on your iDevice.
  • Select your headset's serial number (located on the left interior of the headset) from the list.
  • You will see a green circle animate, eventually showing a green checkmark.
  • Your headset will now be configured and connected for that iDevice.
Plugging in the charging cable
  • Using the supplied micro usb charger, find the usb port below the Power button.
  • When plugging in the cable, orient the larger flat side away from the headset.
  • When fully charged, the power button will light up Solid Green.
  • A full charge will take around 3 hours and will provide at least 5 hours of use.
  • A 30 minute charge will provide enough power to complete a 20 min session.

Will it ruin my headset if I share it with friends or family?
Not at all! The headset is designed to conform to almost any shape of head, and it will automatically configure itself to new users. It may take a little bit of time to get great sensor readings on a new user, but it won't interfere with use. Feel free to share the benefits of this method with people in your life. Be aware that each user needs their own Versus account, so their individual data and progress can be tracked.

Can I move or talk while I use Versus?
Make sure to limit any body movement or conversations while using Versus, as they may induce inaccurate sensor readings or data. Until you become accustomed to wearing the headset and familiar with the input for the games, it is best to try and limit your exposure to loud/distracting sounds or environments. This means it may be best to start out your session in a quiet room alone.

How long does the Versus Headset battery last?
With normal use, the headset battery will provide 5 hours of use, and will fully recharge in 3 hours. To get the most from your headset's battery, fully charge the headset and then let the battery fully discharge before charging again.

Can I charge my headset while I use it?
The headset cannot be used while charging. Any extra electrical interference can cause false sensor readings, so it is best to charge the headset and your iDevice before using Versus.