What does the No Active Subscription message mean?

Last Updated: Sep 12, 2019 06:40PM UTC
If you are using a free Versus account and do not have an active Versus subscription, you may see one of these error messages in the Versus app.
Free vs Paid Accounts
With a free Versus account, you can try the Versus warm-ups and complete a 1 minute demo of each of the 4 Versus exercises. If you exit out of the error message, you will continue to have access to the free Versus features, but will be unable to complete the NPA or the full Versus exercises. 

In order to access the NeuroPerformance Assessment (NPA) and the complete Versus exercises, you must purchase a Versus subscription. If you are only interested in the assessment, you can purchase individual NPAs separate from the Versus subscription.

Versus Purchases
You can purchase Versus subscriptions or individual NPAs directly in the Versus app by pressing the "Store" button on the error message. Versus subscriptions and individual NPAs can also be purchased in the Versus Shop at a reduced price.

If you are working with a provider who plans on paying for your Versus Subscription or NPA, ask them to invite you to use one of their purchases via their Professional Dashboard.

Once you purchase or accept an invitation to use a Versus subscription or individual NPA, the app will prompt you to activate it the next time you log in.