What does my game level mean?

Last Updated: Sep 12, 2019 06:01PM UTC

What is a level?
In the Versus app, level refers to the game level you achieved during your exercise session. Your level is one indication of how you are performing in the Versus exercises. An increasing game level suggests that you are consistently able to create and maintain a less stressed or more focused brain state, as indicated by the overlapping of the three circles at the bottom of the game screen.

The higher your game level, the harder it will be to get the three circles to converge. You will need to be more intensely and consistently focused or relaxed in order to converge the three circles and power the game feedback (fly the plane, drive the car, etc.).

How are points and level related?​
At higher levels, it will be more difficult to create the desired brain state. However, the higher your game level, the more your efforts will be rewarded with points. Thus, even if you cannot get the circles to completely converge, you can still earn points for getting closer to the optimal brain state at higher levels. ​

Why do the Versus exercises have levels?

Versus’ levelling system serves multiple purposes. First and foremost, levels are included in the Versus exercises to challenge you. Versus is like a gym for your brain. Just as you would lift heavier weights to increase the strength of your muscles, the Versus exercises tend to increase in difficulty over time to encourage you to strengthen your brain's focus or relaxation skills.

In addition, levels are a method of rewarding progress and encouraging further competition. Levels also offer users, and the professionals who may be supervising them, a way to track how they are progressing in the Versus exercises. An increase in level over time is one indication that a user is successfully learning how to create a less stressed or more focused brain state. ​

When will my level change?
As applicable, the app will automatically adjust your level during your exercise sessions. You will not be notified of a change in level.

The Versus games level up when you are consistently doing well at creating the desired brain state (getting the three circles to fully converge). As your brain adjusts to this increased difficulty and develops strategies to remain calm or focused, these higher-level games will likely become easier and you will be able to accumulate more points and Optimal Zone Time. If you continue to excel in the exercises, your game level may be increased again. Alternatively, if you continuously struggle to get the three circles to converge, you will automatically be moved down to a lower level to prevent you from becoming discouraged.

Where can I view my level?
You can view your current game level directly in the Versus app. To do so, select the “Performance” tab in the navigation bar.

Current and past level information is available in the User Dashboard. Under the “Sessions” tab in the User Dashboard, you can see the highest game level achieved during each exercise session you’ve completed.

Access to the User Dashboard is included with your Versus subscription. View your User Dashboard by logging in using your Versus email and password here. ​If you are using Versus with professional supervision, your provider will also be able to view your game level information on their Versus Professional Dashboard.